gMySQLcc - gtk+ MySQL command center

It is a GUI client for mysql databases. It use only GTK+. You don't need GNOME to use it.

With gmysqlcc, you can :

  • manage your server list
  • Execute all SQL queries you want
  • dump queries, tables, databases and servers ...
  • ... Look to the features in TODO

To simplify, do do all what you want on your mysql database server.

To know how to install, look INSTALL.

Features / TODO

Working features

  • Use gtk+ only (doesn't need Gnome)
  • Manage a mysql server list (Store in a XML file)
  • SQL Query window (with query duplication capabilities)
  • Edit value directly in the result's table
  • Multi-window system ... not all request in the same window
  • Dump SQL table|database|serveur|request into SQL, XML and CSV files

Planned features

  • Optimize multiple queries for big SQL file
  • Delete row directly in the result's table
  • Edit table structure in a windows
  • Tools to manage MySQL user
  • Tools to manage MySQL server vars
  • Tools to manage MySQL functions (MySQL 5)


Installation of gmysqlcc from source

Download from site

To download gmysqlcc from site, go to download section.

Download from Git

To download gmysqlcc via git, type these commands in a terminal :

$ git clone

##### Compile and Install

If you have got source from git, you need to do some steps before in gmysqlcc directory :

$ autoreconf -i

These steps generate the configure script.

If you have downloaded the source package, start here.

Now it's generics configure's steps :

$ ./configure 
$ make

To install gmysqlcc, you need to be root. Just type :

$ make install